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Below find offers for Video Industry related topics!


Pre-production is where your idea takes shape. You may have an idea that just needs to written out or an idea that needs to be fitted to video. That is where McP comes in to help out.  McP writers will work with you and have no problem walking you through any video production step by step.  McP will write or edit your script as needed and storyboard it out as well.

Key Benefits

bullet Low cost!
bullet 24/7 writing services as needed till job is done.
bullet Professional touch! With talented writers and best equipment.

Capabilities & Equipment

Our terrific writers have a ton of capabilities. They can write a script from scratch or take clients ideas and make them into gold. Our writers are given top of line equipment to work with, including Movie Magic Screen Writer. 

Capability 1
Concept development/Story boarding
Capability 2
Script writing - Have your script written from scratch. 
Capability 3
Script refinement for video - let us go over your script to improve it's effectiveness for video.

    $100.00- $1500.00

Prices range is based on the project feel free to email us at to get exact price quote and if Request form below fails to work please fill free to contact us directly.

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