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Videography services is where McP supplies a crew and equipment to video tape an event for our clients.  This is a service that can be directed to a lot of other projects we handle like special event tapings, weddings, and speakers.  In such events the client may not normally require any pre-production or post-production; however, we do suggest them as added services for most events.

Key Benefits

bullet Low cost!
bullet The size/time of the services is determined by your needs of the event. At least a one man-crew is at your call.
bullet Professional touch and professional personal with professional equipment.

Capabilities & Equipment

Our cameramen are all highly trained professionals. They can shoot any project from simple children's sport events to the most important day of your life (your wedding).  We have a staff that can be sent to anywhere in the tri-state area on any given day. All of McP's cameraman have a bachelors degree in videographic background.  Equipment varies from videographer to videographer, since we rely on freelance help from time to time. Be assured that all equipment is of professional standards. McP obligates its freelancers to use 3chip video cameras (ex. Panasonic Dvc60, Cannon XL1) and all other needed material that your project deserves.

Capability 1
Video production, crew, & equipment- 1 man crew (basic equipment- 3chip camera, tripod, on camera light, and shotgun/handheld mics)
Capability 2
Video production, crew, & equipment- 2-4 men crew (above basic equipment- 3chip cameras, tripods, on camera lights, lighting kit if needed, lav mics and shotgun/handheld mics)
Capability 3
Video production, crew, & equipment- 5-8 men crew (above basic equipment- 3chip cameras, back up cameras, tripods, dollies if needed, on camera lights, light kits, lav mics, sound board if needed and shotgun/handheld mics) Studio if needed can be arranged with advance notice.
         Play video below to see some samples of our camera work....




    $250.00- $3,000.00

Prices range is based on the project feel free to email us at to get exact price quote and if Request form below fails to work please feel free to contact us directly.

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